Sunday, August 26, 2007


Around 3 a.m. an enemy cab wandered into our zone and parked. One of our drivers spotted him in a parking lot, and went in close for a look. When our driver called out the cab company's name on our radio (it was an independent taxi with a unique name), the guy looked up, then looked around. He started his car and drove away. It was obvious he was using a scanner to monitor our frequency. Our guy followed him, calling out their progress. Wherever the guy went, one of ours was waiting and watching. After a while the poacher gave up and took a main thoroughfare out of the zone.


NYC taxi photo said...

hmm,. you have different cab companies assigned to different zones in san diego?

Ted Martin said...


Most of San Diego, plus a few suburbs, have a single pick-up license (medallion). My area has its own, and it's fairly small.

Saying more could give away my cab company and identity. No offense to anyone, but even though all of my experiences are real, I'm maintaining online anonymity.

This desire for anonymity is why I often omit the names of businesses where I pick up. I could lie, and pick out a name from another zone, but generally I prefer anonymity to invention.

Sorry I can't be more specific about things.