Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridge collapse

As the country is engrossed in the story of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, I've been wondering about the Coronado Bridge. A TV news report says it's not safe, and now Caltrans says it's fine:

    Caltrans officials disputed a TV news report on Thursday claiming that inspectors this week found cracks in the Coronado Bay Bridge.

    A day after the fatal bridge collapse in Minnesota on Wednesday, KFMB/Channel 8 said in a news alert, “it was unclear if the (Coronado) bridge would be shut down or when the cracks would be repaired.”

    Caltrans spokesman Hayden Manning said the bridge is structurally sound and will remain open.

    He said the state Department of Transportation is conducting a routine underwater inspection of the landmark bridge this week. He said no significant problems have been uncovered.

The Minneapolis bridge was 60 feet high and 1900 feet long. The Coronado bridge is 200 feet high over 10,000 feet long. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the thing if it collapsed.


london_cabby said...

Just make sure you carry a lifejacket at all times!!

Brent McD. said...

bridges in california are built to a higher standard due to the threat of earthquakes. and the coronado bridge had a seismic retrofit a few years ago. so it *should* be ok....