Sunday, June 3, 2007

Saturday night rides

My first ride of the afternoon were four women, two older and overweight, two younger and slim. They said two of them were going to run tomorrow's marathon. It was fairly easy to tell which ones would be running, and which wouldn't. They went to Fillipi's in Little Italy, Date and India St, so the runners could carbo-load. Odds are the bigger ones were carbo loading, too.

We had another jumper on the Coronado Bridge. I assume the guy was jumping, but I didn't see him go over. I was driving some folks from the Mission Bay area to the Hotel del Coronado, entering the bridge from I-5 southbound, when brake lights flared in front of me. I had to stand on the brakes to avoid rear-ending slowing traffic. As we crawled by a police car, we noticed a man standing at the guard rail.

Tonight I've had one ride after another to the Gaslamp Quarter. It's so crowded down there tonight that I can't (and won't) get within three blocks of 5th Ave.

Best ride of the night: Bring a case of Coors Light to a residential address. They greeted me like Santa Clause on Christmas morning. The beer was $18 and the meter was $5. They gave me $40 and said they might be calling back in a little while. They never did.

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