Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finally, some good rides

I picked up a guy in Northpark going to the airport. It was a $22 fare, and he gave me $30. I thanked him for his generosity. He asked me if I pick up at the airport.

Me: No.

Him: So you have to drive somewhere else, empty, right?

Me: Yes.

Him: I thought so. That's why I tip extra to drivers who take me to airports.

Amazing. Simply amazing. I'm going to hunt down a sheet of marble, a hammer, and a chisel. This needs to be written down for all time. Somebody actually took the time to understand how cabbies operate and acts accordingly. I never thought I'd see the day.

After that guy, I got a man named Jason who was in town as an event coordinator for a business conference. He went from a nice hotel to the Amtrak station; he is going up to LA. He does event stuff as his guaranteed income, but his main passion is voice overs. He's an actor in LA and gets a fair amount of work. He does promos, too, like for the "Overhaulin'" series on TLC. Interesting stuff.

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