Friday, June 22, 2007

Major traffic problems in San Diego

Tonight is the first time the Boston Red Sox are playing here at the new Petco Park stadium. The San Diego Padres and the Red Sox are the two best teams in baseball, Padres in the National League, and the Sox in the American League. The game is sold out, so traffic into downtown (where Petco is located) is beginning early.

Making things worse, there's an accident on I-163 southbound heading into downtown. I just got caught in that traffic. A silver mustang rear-ended a black SUV, looked like no injuries. The worst thing, I think, is that the blue and orange line trolleys are dead until midnight. A lot of baseball fans take the trolley to avoid the downtown traffic blitz, and tonight they can't, so there are tons and tons of extra cars downtown. The power was knocked out when a car crashed into a utility box at Union and C.

It's a zoo around here.

I just dropped off at Amtrak, where there are usually 15 cabs lined up. Today there were no cabs waiting, and at least 10 parties desperate for a ride.

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