Sunday, June 17, 2007


I just had an interesting ride. I went to a hotel for pickup, and I was bringing a lady to the nearest hospital. The lady's 80-year-old mother had fallen and hit her head, and she was bleeding badly, and complained of neck pain. When the lady got in my cab, she was crying. We followed the ambulance all the way; no lights or sirens.

Lady: I have to remind myself to breathe.

Me: The medics in the ambulance don't look worried. They're talking to her, and she seems to be responding (it's night, and the light was on inside the ambulance, so we could see everything they were doing; two female medics were attending to the patient).

Lady: You're right. They're kind of like stewardesses, if they look worried, you worry. If not, then things are probably okay.

Me: And, the hospital we're going to has a good reputation (that's true, but I would have said so anyway).

Lady: That's a relief.

I didn't really know if that would be a relief or not. She stopped crying, at least. It was a short ride, and I didn't charge her. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to drive a customer with the meter off, but sometimes breaking the law is the right thing to do. I hope everything turns out okay.

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