Saturday, September 15, 2007

Running over a fire hydrant

Q: What happens when a cab driver runs over a fire hydrant, causing a colossal mess, including flooding a restaurant?

A: He gets fired.

It was one of our newer drivers (the geographically challenged one). He was doing a U-turn in a restaurant parking lot when he hit the hydrant. The water went about as high as the trees, maybe a little higher than a traffic light. A dozen cops and firefighters were at the scene. I saw what looked like two feet of water in the parking lot, and the restaurant closed several hours early that night. We're expecting the cab company to receive a hefty bill.

Side note: I finally got my Navy badge. I meet all the qualifications, and I had one in the past, but for some mysterious reason it took no less than seven trips to the Navy access office (called Pass & Decal) to get a new badge. I complained about it several months ago.

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