Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dull evenings

Not many interesting customers this week. There was a big Symantec conference in town this week, and they were mainly talking about work, amongst themselves. I had one interesting guy who kept asking me if I could hook him up. He was drunk, and when I asked if he wanted drugs he just laughed. For girls, I suggested Tijuana. He never would tell me what he was looking for. Another interesting ride was a woman, about 30 and very attractive, who was drunk and told me how she had recently turned down a marriage offer from a wealthy man. She wasn't in love, she said. She wanted to know if I thought she was foolish. I told her "no", it didn't make her foolish. Poor maybe, but not foolish.

A few pics from the Gaslamp Quarter:


Shazam! said...

Hey, just stopping by! Told a friend about your blog, so maybe he'll stop by. Great pics!

Ted Martin said...

Much appreciated. Thanks!