Sunday, July 8, 2007

New taxi laws

I'd like to see a number of new laws enacted:

1. No whistling while walking down the sidewalk.

2. You may not walk towards a taxi unless you want a ride.

3. People may not raise their hands or point at anything while on the sidewalk.

4. Shouting "Taxi!" without the intention of hiring the nearest taxi carries a minimum penalty of five years in prison. Hard labor. Turning large rocks into small ones. Digging holes and filling them in again. No TV, no lifting weights, no conjugal visits except from people named Bubba.

5. No civilian cars may be painted yellow. That is reserved for taxis.

6. There is a $20 fine for climbing into a taxi wearing too much perfume.*

7. There is a $20 fine for climbing into a taxi wearing too little deodorant.*

It has been that kind of night.

There were two bright spots, though. I drove two fun people from London, who were in town for a convention on motivational speaking. They are with The gentleman is a motivation speaker, and he and his lovely companion seemed more like rock stars than business people. I checked their website, and it seems they really are on the fun side of the business, rather than stuffy biz people. Good for them.

The other bright spot was a couple from Texas who flew their twin-engine Beech to San Diego for a meeting of the Flying Physicians Association. The organization's purpose is to promote "safety, education, research and human interest projects relating to aviation."

*If I didn't already know why the public are called The Great Unwashed, tonight would have clinched it.

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