Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gettin' it on: East Coast v. West Coast

I just drove a guy to a hip hop club well outside of my zone, and en route he explained that he prefers his home town, Washington D.C. to Southern California because "gettin' it on" in D.C. is easier.

Him: Out here a guy can't have three or four girlfriends.

Me: Why not?

Him: It's too spread out. You can't see one girl for a few hours, then cross town and see another. It takes too much time.

He says the girls and the clubs in D.C. are concentrated, so it's much easier. A married guy in San Diego who wants a little something on the side, he said, can't do much because of this problem. In D.C., he claimed, everybody has several girls. I suggested he get a job with the D.C. board of tourism.

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forman said...

I wonder why folks want to put a fella in a position like that, talking to them about personal business.

what is a cabbie supposed to reply?
nicely handled.

thanks for the comment on my site. I'll definately be updating weekly, even though i'm not sure when I'll drive again. I'll still be reading all my favorite taxi blogs. as far as taxi blogs go, the west coast is winning.