Monday, July 30, 2007

Highway 163 in San Diego

Getting on 163 northbound from downtown, where the highway starts, is always gridlock. And the reason is clear: five lanes merge into 1, then that 1 lane gets on the northbound direction. It's extremely poor planning.

Trapped on the 163 on-ramp, as usual.

The 163 is a convenient connector from downtown San Diego to Mission Valley, and it runs all the way to its end at the I-15 freeway. Getting on is a nightmare. There are two lanes coming from 11th street in downtown, plus two lanes from I-5 northbound, plus a fifth lane of traffic coming from the Park Blvd area. It's whacked. City planners should be ashamed of themselves.


Brent McD. said...

Caltrans has its hands tied -- unable to make improvements to 163 through Balboa Park because it is considered a scenic and historic highway.

Ted Martin said...

Thanks for your info. Much appreciated. I guessed as much, but it still has to be better. You just can't run five lanes into one. There are rear-end accidents up on I-5 because cars crest the hill at 65 just to find a parking lot on the other side.

I think it would be better to permanently close several of the entrance lanes.