Sunday, May 11, 2008

A good deed

I did my good deed for the year month day. We had a lot of drunks last night. It was Saturday night and the city was very busy with wedding receptions at hotels, plus the bars were packed from one end of town to the other. Somewhere in the madness I found a digital camera. It was a small, black, Kodak, with nothing on the outside to ID the owner. So I turned it on and looked at the photos. All black people, and pictures of the inside of a navy ship. I searched my memory and realized I had driven only one carload of blacks, and since I forgot to keep a trip sheet last night, I had to try to remember where I had brought them.

They had gone to Chuey's restaurant, which is an 18-and-up nightclub on Saturday nights. The next time I drove by that area, which is under the Coronado Bridge on the San Diego side, I cruised by the club. Amazingly, the same guys were on the curb trying to hail a taxi. They got in and one of them was asking about a lost camera. He described it and so got it back. He was happy, and while I was there I did some wildcatting (picking up outside my zone) and made a cool $25. I don't wildcat too often, as the $2400 fine (allegedly) frightens me a bit, but I didn't see the sense of leaving them there when they wanted a ride.

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