Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marzetti II is dead

The dead pool on Marzetti II was handily won by the driver who guessed Jan. 15, 2008. We hadn't received a call from the old guy since Jan. 14 or so, and that was the source of much speculation. The guy who chose 1/15 was particularly eager to find out the news, so he went to the guy's favorite restaurant and learned he was dead. Then the driver went to the guy's condo complex and asked the doorman, just for good measure, and confirmed. A previous post on Marzetti II is here.

The book's dates, in the order I recorded them:

12/16/11 (this guy was ridiculed)

It cost $5 to enter, so the winner received the $30 kitty.

Next up: Gollum. She's a cantankerous old woman who not only resembles Gollum in appearance and voice, but seems to hate everything and everyone. At least Gollum liked something -- a ring. She walks at .00000001 mile per hour, and it takes her what seems like five minutes to make an entry to or exit from a taxicab. Despite that, she seems to be in better health than the deceased Marzetti II. A previous post on Gollum is here.

Dates for the pool on Gollum:

12/16/17 (same guy who picked 2011 for Marzetti)

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