Thursday, November 8, 2007

Enemy cabs

Tonight I got belled to a popular restaurant in our taxi zone. I was parked at a cab stand with another driver, and when he heard the bell on his radio, he jumped out of the car and said: "I just saw two enemy cabs heading that way to drop off. You better get over there, quick."

I did. I did not break any speed limits, officially, but a sports car could not have made the journey in less time. Just as I pulled up, customers were loading into an enemy cab. I got out and waved my arms. Right away the driver told the people they would have to get out and ride with me.

My customers thought I was a jerk for causing the commotion, until I explained why I had to do it. They, like everyone who learns about San Diego licensing, thought the rules made things worse for taxi customers. They're right. There should be one metro-area license for San Diego and suburbs.

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Paradise Driver said...

I don't know about the suburbs, those are independent municipalities, but the city license should be good anywhere in SD city limits, rather than restricted to pickup in one zone only. IMO