Saturday, October 6, 2007

BBQ and cowboy boots

I drove an Irish expat, perhap 60 years of age, who was in San Diego for a business convention. He has lived in Texas for many years, and said he loves it. I didn't ask exactly how long he had lived in the US, but, judging by his barely discernible accent, I'd say he's been here a long time. He had two interesting observations:

1. "I have never met a Texan who didn't like barbecue, no matter how bad it tasted," he said. When I asked if he thought any BBQ was good: "I can't stand it." Apparently Ireland isn't a BBQ kind of place.

2. His friends have been trying to get him to wear cowboy boots for years. "I can't stand them, either."


Paradise Driver said...

Did he speak with an Irish accent, a Texas accent or a mixture?

I know when I get off the plane at DFW, I can barely make it out of the terminal before my old "Texican" accent surfaces.

Ted Martin said...

I didn't realize you were from Texas. You went from TX to San Fran, then Hawaii?

The guy had a very slight Irish accent. If you weren't paying attention, you might think he was from the Midwest.

--Ted Martin

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure all Texans would count me as a Texan; I was born in Oklahoma and I've lived in Texas 27 of my 41 years.

I do not like barbeque. I don't like barbeque sandwiches, I don't like barbeque ribs, I don't like barbeque chicken, I don't even like the smell of barbeque smoke. I don't like barbeque at Goode Company. I don't like the smushy white bread and dill pickle chips served with barbeque. I don't even like barbeque baked beans.

But I do like your blog!

Brent McD. said...

blasphemy! how can you not like goode company bbq??!? -- from a native houstonian living in san diego

Brent McD. said...

oh yeah, i hate cowboy boots too. i was a city slicker. heh

Anonymous said...

To brent mcd -

Sorry, but a combination of sugar, tomatoes, garlic and smoke does NOT make meat taste better!! Goode Co Taqueria, yum yum, but Goode Co barbeque? Yuck!


Ted Martin said...

This is great! We have a BBQ war.

Anonymous said...

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